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We, at the Consulting Division of Inzinc Products and Services provide competent CE Marking consultancy services and certification services to help your product get CE Marked and thereby opening the wide European Market for selling your products.


CE stands for Conformity Europeans which means European Conformity. The CE Marking is a mandatory marking to be put on certain products that are sold within the EEA or the European Economic Area(EEA, the 28 Member States of the European Union and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein). Even outside the EEA, CE Marking is widely accepted. The CE marking ensures that a manufacturer’ sproduct satisfies the EU safety, health or environmental requirements.


It is to be noted that only those product categories given in specific EU directives require the CE marking.

The CE Marking Process

1. The applicable directive or directives must be identified
2. The applicable requirements of the directive or directives must be identified
3. Identify whether an independent conformity assessment is required from a Notified body
4. Test the product and check its conformity
5. Compile the necessary technical documentation
6. Affixation of the CE marking to your product and make the EC Declaration of Conformity

Countries that require CE Marking as a legal requirement

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK.

The CE Marking is required for the following Products:

1. Toys
2. Machinery
3. Electrical equipment
4. Electronic equipment
5. Personal protective equipment
6. Pressure equipment
7. Medical devices
8. Active implantable medical devices
9. In vitro diagnostic medical devices
10. Radio and Telecommunications terminal equipment
11. Simple pressure vessels
12. Gas appliances
13. Lifts
14. Recreational craft
15. Equipment and protective systems for use in explosive atmospheres
16. Non-automatic weighing instruments
17. Cableways
18. Construction products
19. Explosives for civil use
20. New hot water boilers
21. Measuring Equipment


The CE marking is not required for the following products:
1. Chemicals
2. Pharmaceuticals
3. Cosmetics
4. Foodstuffs

We provide competent CE Marking in India and also certification services to help your product get CE Marked and thereby opening the wide European Market for selling your products. CE stands for Conformité Européenne which means European Conformity. We can proudly say that we provide the best CE Marking in Iindia

CE Marking

CE Marking or " Conformité Européenne " ("European Conformity") is the mandatory marking done on every product which is supposed to be sold within the European marketplace. This type of marking is usually called as conformance marking, and has been deemed compulsory by the regulatory authorities and EC directives for trading within the European Economic Area or EAA.

The occurrence of this important CE Marking in India on a product doesn’t imply that the product has been manufactured in Europe, but signifies that the manufacturer has complied and adhered to all rules and legislative regulations as mentioned by the European authorities pertaining to safety, health, environmental protection requirements. Manufacturer from any country- inside Europe or outside Europe needs CE Marking on every product which can be sold within Europe.

If you are a manufacturer who wishes to market your product within the lucrative European market, then you need CE Marking on every product. CE Marking in India is a daunting task, and needs a specialist for its successful implementation. CE Marking certification in Bangalore, Karnataka can be easily accomplished by NOSA Services, who are the experts in CE Marking and all related certifications.

As a manufacturer, you just need to contact NOSA Services for the best and most economical CE Marking in India which can guarantee you success in the challenging European market. Contact NOSA Services for CE Marking CE Marking in India now!


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ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001:2004
Environmental Management Systems
ISO 22000:2005
Food Safety Management Systems
ISO 27000:2009
Information Security Management
ISO 13485:2003
Medical Devices Standard
CE marking

Europeon product certification

GPP Certification

ISO Certification

ISO certification shows your credentials have been verified by an independent third party. Achieving certified status brings tangible business benefits and can unlock doors to new business.


Certification Benefits

ISO CERTIFICATION INDIA: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, HACCP & CE MARKING, Nosa System Cert Certification offers ISO 22000 Certification In India, Nosa System Cert ISO, Nosa System Cert ISO India, ISO 9001 Certificate in Delhi, ISO 9001 Certification in India and much more MORE . . .

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Nosa System Cert Certification offers ISO 22000 certification In India, ISO 9001 Certificate in Delhi, ISO 9001 Certification in India and much more certification courses in India sub continents


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