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CE Marking Certification in India


Organizations looking for CE marking certification process in india, CE marking procedure in india , CE marking certification consultants in india, CE marking consulting agency in india, CE mark certificate provider agency, CE marking provider agency, CE marking guidance agency, in india can contact us. 


Established in 2004, Blue sky management services is one amongst oldest and most trusted CE marking certification registration consultants in India.


We are providing CE Marking - Europeon product certification consultancy services in India.

We can help organizations in achieving CE marking through self certification or through notified body / notified agency as applicable in the product to be CE marked.

For further details please visit our website www.systemcert.co.in


CE Marking Consultants

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Blue Sky Management Services is a leading CE marking certification consultants, CE consultants, CE marking certificate providers in india.

We can provide CE marking consultancy services in india with following scope of work.

- Identifying applicable CE marking directives for CE marking products under consideration.

- Giving guidance for testing of CE marking products against requirement of applicable CE marking directive and CE marking harmonic standards.
- Guiving guidance for preparation of CE marking Technical Construction File - TCF.
- If required by customers, coordinating with CE marking certification body for getting a formal certificate from them after review of Technical construction file.
- If product is falling under CE marking notified body review, then coordinating with CE marking notified body for CE marking procedure.

As a CE marking consultants in India, we can help organizations intending to achieve CE marking in India in giving Technical and documentation assistant. 

We can help organizations in achieving 
CE marking for motors
CE marking for mechanical equipments
Ce marking for electrical equipments
CE marking for electronics equipments
CE marking for medical devices
CE marking for lifts and associated equipments.

Organizations looking for CE marking consultants in other states of India can contact us. 


Ce Marking Product Certification

Ce marking product certification in india-ce marking consultant agency india providers.
Following is list of some products groups which can be ce marked. 
a)     Active implantable medical devices

b)     Appliances burning gaseous fuels

c)     Cable way installations designed to carry persons

d)     Eco-design of energy related products

e)     Electromagnetic compatibility

f)      Equipment and protective systems intended for use potentially explosive atmospheres

g)     Explosives for civil uses

h)     Hot-water boilers

i)      In vitro diagnostic medical devices

j)      Lifts

k)     Low voltage

l)      Machinery

m)    Measuring instruments

n)     Medical devices

o)     Noise emission in the environment

p)     Non-automatic weighing instruments

q)     Personal protective equipment

r)      Pressure equipment

s)     Pyrotechnics

t)      Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment

u)     Recreational craft

v)     Safety of toys

w)     Simple pressure vessel

Organizations looking to ce mark their product can contact us. We are ce marking certification consultants in india, ce marking certification consulting agency in india, ce marking certification service providers in india, ce marking consultants in india. 
As per product to be ce marked, we can help organizations in ce marking of their product through self certification or certification through involvement of notified body or notified agency. 


Ce Certificate Certification

CE Certificate Certification

CE certificate certification service provider consultant agency Ahmedabad India.



ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001:2004
Environmental Management Systems
ISO 22000:2005
Food Safety Management Systems
ISO 27000:2009
Information Security Management
ISO 13485:2003
Medical Devices Standard
CE marking

Europeon product certification

GPP Certification

ISO Certification

ISO certification shows your credentials have been verified by an independent third party. Achieving certified status brings tangible business benefits and can unlock doors to new business.


Certification Benefits

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